TLH Snippet

Here’s another Last Hours Snippet with a cute James Herondale and Cordelia Carstairs moment:

James and Matthew separated, Matthew to dance with Lucie, and James to speak to his parents. Cordelia saw them glance over toward her and looked away quickly; still, she was not at all surprised when James appeared a moment later in front of her, flashing a smile at his aunt and uncle.

“Miss Carstairs,” he said, with a slight bow in Cordelia’s direction. “Would you favor me with this dance?”

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Clary on Cake Wars

Our own Kat MacNamara (Clary on upcoming Shadowhunters TV show) was the guest judge on Food Network’s Cake Wars. This Hello Kitty inspired episode aired today, leaving us wondering how long ago it was filmed, as Kat is filming Shadowhunters at the moment in Canada and also has blonde hair in the Cake Wars¬†episode, when she restored her hair back to its natural red for Shadowhunters¬†in May.

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