TLH Snippet

A small teaser snippet from upcoming trilogy, The Last Hours!

He really did have a most arresting face, Lucie thought. She firmly believed it was all right to stare at people when you were a writer. Writers needed to gather material. That was all there was to it.

Lady Midnight Snippet

This is a full excerpt from chapter 4 of Lady Midnight! If you’d like to learn more about Lady Midnight and pre-order it, click here.

“Now, when were the first Accords signed?” asked Diana. “And what was their effect?”

It was a distractingly bright day. Sunlight poured in through the high windows, illuminating the board in front of which Diana paced, tapping the palm of her left hand with a stele. Her lesson plan was scrawled on the board in nearly illegible handwriting: Emma could make out the words Accords, Cold Peace, andevolution of Law.

She looked sideways at Jules, but he had his head bent over some papers. They hadn’t really spoken so far today, aside from being polite to each other at breakfast. She had woken up with her stomach feeling hollow and her hands hurting from clenching the bedclothes.

Also Church had abandoned her sometime during the night. Stupid cat.

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Full TSA Cover

If you take a look at all of the book covers for The Shadowhunter Academy, you will see they are all a piece of a bigger picture. Now that all of the books have been released, the full picture has been released, and Cassandra Clare has put all of the pictures together for us!

TSA Covers Picture

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Angels Twice Descending Snippet

The last Shadowhunter Academy novella was released today! Here’s a snippet, but get it on Kindle and read it!!

Simon stood on the sidewalk, staring up at his mother’s brownstone, his stomach churning. Traveling by way of Portal always made him feel a bit like puking up his lower intestine, but this time, he didn’t think he could blame the inter-dimensional magic. Not entirely, at least.

“You sure this is a good idea?” he said. “It’s late.”

“It’s eleven pm, Simon,” Clary said. “You know she’s still awake. And even if she’s not, you know—”

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