Carstairs TLH Flower Cards

More FLower Cards for The Last Hours coming out in 2018! These are the books starring the children of favorite ships from TID such as Wessa (Will and Tessa), Sideon (Sophie and Gideon), Gabrily (Gabriel and Cecily), and Chenry (Charlotte and Henry. But you can’t have a book taking place right after TID without some of the Carstairs line. If you remember at the end of Clockwork Princess, Jem’s uncle (Elias) tried to give Will the Carstairs family sword, Cortana, but Will refused to take it and Tessa asked Elias to reconsider maybe having a family someday and passing it on through them. And he did! He eventually married a girl named Colette Verlac (related to Sebastian Verlac??) and they had two children: Alastair and Cordelia. The only things we know about Alastair Carstairs are he’s the oldest

child and only son of Elias and is also best friends with Charles Fairchild. Cordelia on the other hand, is the youngest child and only daughter of Elias and she and her brother actually don’t get along very well. She finds her brother annoying. Cordelia is set to become parabatai with Lucie Herondale, and also speaks Farsi, probably taught to her by her mother who is Persian. Cordelia is said to split her time between Paris, London, and Idris. Cordelia is the stereotypical red-head, probably much like Clary in her feisty attitude. Cordelia has been in love with James Herondale since she was 10 years old. She has two nicknames, some people call her “Cordy” and James Herondale gave her the nickname “Daisy” when they were little.


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