TDA Snippet

Another snippet for The Dark Artifices! The Dark Artifices kicks off with Lady Midnight in March 2016 with Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in the Los Angeles Institute.

“Perfect Diego is the boy Christina’s mother wants her to marry,” Emma told Livvy. Now it was Christina’s turn to look betrayed. “It’s not an arranged marriage, not exactly, it’s just that her mother loves him, he’s a Rosales -” 

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Blackthorn Flower Cards

Cassandra Jean’s most recent project has been to draw flower cards for characters in the upcoming Last Hours trilogy (the ones right after TID). She just officially released her first two, the Blackthorns. If you remember, it’s Gabriel and Gideon’s sister, Tatiana’s children. She appears at the beginng of Clockwork Princess when her father kills her husband. Here are Cassandra Jean’s drawings of the Blackthorn children (And I’ll add Tatiana’s as well)! First is Tatiana Blackthorn, the younger sister of Gideon and Gabriel Lightwod. We know she had a huge crush on William Herondale when she was younger, so he

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The Whitechapel Fiend Snippet

Most of you are following The Shadowhunter Academy series starring former Daylighter Simon Lewis. This series of novellas follow Simon through his journey of Ascending to being a Shadowhunter. The Shadowhunter Academy is being written like The Bane Chronicles was, where she releases one novella a month, then compiles each novella into one big book. You can only get TSA books on ebook for now, but will be able to buy the full book when she is done writing them all. So far there have been two released: Welcome to the Shadowhunter Acdemy and The Lost Herondale. The next novella, coming out April 21 stars the owners of the London Institute around 1890 (right after TID takes place) as they track down historical Jack the Ripper. As a huge fan of TID series, I’m especially excited for this next novella. This pariticular novella is titled The Whitechapel Fiend, as that was a nickname Jack the Ripper bore. A snippet from this book was released a while ago that I am including in this post.

Will stopped glaring at Gabriel, and turned to Tessa. He looked at her and his face softened; the traces of the wild broken boy he had been vanished, replaced with the expression often worn by the man he was now, who knew what it was to love and be loved. ‘Dear heart,’ he said. He took her hand and kissed it. ‘Who knows your courage better than I?’

TDA Snippet

Another snippet from The Dark Artifices has been released! Just a reminder that The Dark Artifices takes place in present-day Los Angeles starring Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. It is scheduled to come out sometime in March 2016. This snippet is fairly short, but it’s still something.

“Did you tell my brother?” Mark asked.

Emma looked up at him. The spotlight had tracked away from them, thank Raziel, and Mark was sharp – boned light and shadows in the moving illumination. “Tell which of your brothers what?”

“You know,” said Mark.

The Shadowhunter Academy

It’s always a good idea to have the schedule for the releases of your favorite books. I would keep this list somewhere safe if you’re following The Shadowhunter Academy books. It includes the date of release, the title, and who helped to write it.

Feb. 17
Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy
Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

March 17
The Lost Herondale
Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman

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Shadowhunter Academy Flower Cards

If you’re following the Shadowhunter Academy books as I am, you’ve probably been expectantly waiting on Cassandra Jean’s flower cards. Well, wait no more! I have four characters from the books to show you. First up is our protagonist, Simon Lewis, the nerdy mundane with no knowlege that he helped to save the world. Next we have Simon’s attractive and kind roomate, George Lovelace, warlock teacher Catarina Loss, and another one of the students, Beatriz Mendoza. In case  you need a bit of a refresher on these characters, Simon Lewis was Clary Fray’s (protagonist of The Mortal Instruments) mundane best friend who was turned into a vampire during a party. Then he drank some of Jace Herondale’s

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Shadowhunters TV Show

Recent tweet from Martin Moszkowicz keeping fans on their toes!


In case you’re wondering, Mr. Moszkowicz is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Constantin Film, which is working on the Shadowhunters TV show! To get all of the information so far on our upcoming series, click here!

Cassandra Jean Intro

If you’re not familiar with Cassandra Jean, she is an amazing artist who does a lot of drawings for Cassandra Clare’s books. She is currently working on flower cards for the characters in The Last Hours, but has done many, MANY other cards for characters from the other books. I’ll post some flower cards sometimes, but otherwise you can Google them and love them like I do. 🙂 There’s som much awesome Cassandra Jean drawings I could post, but for now as a little intro to Cassandra Jean I’m going to post them comic she illustrated that is in the back of the UK/Austrailian versions of City of Heavenly Fire. This scene takes place with TID characters at the end of COHF. Enjoy!

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TDA Snippet

Every once in a while I’m going to post a snippet from Cassie Clare’s upcoming books, so this is one she has released from her first TDA book, Lady Midnight, which will be published March 2016.

Mark stepped out. The elegant lines of the suit seemed to sweep upward, making Mark appear taller, more polished. For the first time since his return every bit of the feral faerie child in him appeared to have been brushed away like cobwebs. He looked human. Like someone who’d always been human.

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The casting call was just put up in LA for the Shadowhunters TV show! It sounds like they are going to be starting back at the beginning with COB, despite the movie they already made. The only difference I saw in the character descriptions (they only had Clary, Jace and Simon) was that the characters are going to be a bit older. Clary will be celebrating her 18th birthday, not her 16th, and Jace will be early 20s. A tweet was released on March 4th by a “Lindsay B” (someone working on the show??) saying the TV show will start filming in Vancouver (Canada) in May 2015!IMG_20150306_065820