Virtues and Vices

Cassandra Jean has done a project combining some of Cassandra Clare’s characters and the seven virtues and vices. The seven virtues are chastity (although, in Cassandra Jean’s set, this is swapped for wisdom), temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility, and the seven vices are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. She has paired a character with each of the virtues and vices. These are great illustrations by a very talented artist. Check them out!

Magnus Wisdom
Tessa TemperanceJulian Charity

Emma Diligence

Jem PatienceWill KindnessAlec HumilityBenedict LustMaureen GluttonyNate GreedMeliorn SlothTatiana WrathSebastian EnvyValentine Pride

TDA Snippet

A small snippet from Lady Midnight! Read all about it here.

Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of summer-gold fields, green hills, and luminous, winding rivers of blue and green. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not be an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to consider giving up the sky for his sake.

A History of Notable Shadowhunters

A book has been released called A History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld: Told in the Language of Flowers by Cassandra “Cartwright” Clare and Cassandra “Starkweather” Jean.  It is inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Victorian Flower Dictionary Cover

It basically has many pictures of different flowers and explains what kind of flower they are, plus extra information about those flowers. What the Cassandras are doing are they’re making a book where instead of flowers, it is different characters from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, and The Last Hours. Cassandra Jean will be drawing portraits of the characters, and Cassandra Clare will be revealing exclusive details and notes on the characters! Pre-order here!

A History of Notable Shadowhunters Cover

Lady Midnight Snippet

A very short, what I thought to be very cute snippet from Lady Midnight. Pre-order the book now here!

Livvy made an exasperated noise, stomped forward, and seized Mark by the back of the shirt. “You don’t want him,” she said to the pink-haired girl. “He has syphilis.”

The girl goggled. “Syphilis?”

“Five percent of people in America have it,” said Ty, helpfully.

“I do not have syphilis,” Mark said in a fury. “There are no sexually transmitted diseases in Faerieland!”

The mundane girls fell instantly silent.

Advance Reader Copy of Lady Midnight Competition

An awesome Advance Reader Copy of Lady Midnight is being given away in a competition! Check out the video to see Cassandra Clare reveal the contents of the special box:

Entering the contest is very simple! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with any Shadowhunter book you own. This could be a Mortal Instruments book, Infernal Devices, Shadowhunter Codex, etc. Ereaders are allowed, as long as the front cover of the book is displayed. Make the picture creative. Cassandra Clare suggests going somewhere interesting, wearing a costume, or incorporating elements you love about the books into the picture. She mentions that a girl one a contest like this once by taking her picture in a bath of spaghetti. Then post your picture to a social media page. This can be Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else you use, and email the link to the post to before February 7th. You must be 13 years old or older, and only one entry per person is allowed. Good luck!

TDA Snippet

A Dark Artifices snippet centered around faerie Mark Blackthorn!

Julian had stepped away from them and was on the phone again, speaking in a low voice. Mark splashed up out of the water and jammed his wet feet into his boots. Neither he nor Cristina was glamoured, and Emma noticed the stares of mundane passers-by as he came toward her — because he was tall, and beautiful, and because he had eyes that shone brighter than the lights of the ferris wheel. And because one of his eyes was blue, and the other one was gold.

And because there was something about him, something indefinably strange, a trace of the wildness of Faerie that never failed to make Emma think of untrammeled, wide-open spaces, of freedom and lawlessness. I am a lost boy, his eyes seemed to say. Find me.

Lady Midnight Snippet

This is a full excerpt from chapter 4 of Lady Midnight! If you’d like to learn more about Lady Midnight and pre-order it, click here.

“Now, when were the first Accords signed?” asked Diana. “And what was their effect?”

It was a distractingly bright day. Sunlight poured in through the high windows, illuminating the board in front of which Diana paced, tapping the palm of her left hand with a stele. Her lesson plan was scrawled on the board in nearly illegible handwriting: Emma could make out the words Accords, Cold Peace, andevolution of Law.

She looked sideways at Jules, but he had his head bent over some papers. They hadn’t really spoken so far today, aside from being polite to each other at breakfast. She had woken up with her stomach feeling hollow and her hands hurting from clenching the bedclothes.

Also Church had abandoned her sometime during the night. Stupid cat.

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TDA Flower Cards

More flower cards from The Dark Artifices! The first book, Lady Midnight, will be released March 8, 2016. To view the released cover for Lady Midnight, click here. Today we have Emma Carstairs, Julian Blackthorn, and Mark Blackthorn.

Emma Carstairs Flower Card

Emma Carstairs is a 17 year old Los Angeles resident, whose parents were killed in the Dark War by Sebastian Morgenstern…or were they? Emma is parabatai with Julian Blackthorn, and may also be forbiddenly in love with him. Emma loves to fight and kill and hates blonde jokes, as she is a blonde. She carries with her her stele, given to her by Jace Wayland, and Cortana, the blade that has been passed down the Carstairs line for generations.

Julian Blackthorn Flower Card

Julian Blackthorn is 17 years old and lives in Los Angeles with his four younger siblings, uncle, and parabatai Emma Carstairs. Julian’s mother died about 11 years before The Dark Artifices takes place, and Julian was forced to kill his father during the Dark War, as he had become a part of Sebastian Morgenstern’s army. Jules began painting around his mother’s death, and often foes it to get away from the world and the responsibility he feels of taking care of his siblings.

Mark Blackthorn Flower Card

Mark Blackthorn is a sixteen year old, part-fairie, and shares the faerie mother with his sister, Helen Blackthorn. He is also half-sibling to Julian, Livia, Tiberius, Drusilla, and Octavian Blackthorn. Mark was taken by the Wild Hunt, a faerie faction that does not associate with the Seelie or Unseelie Court, during the Dark War. He was made to believe his whole family was dead, so he became one of the Hunt, and one of his eyes turned gold. It was decided after the Dark War not to save Mark from the faeries since he was half-faerie, and faeries were deemed untrustworthy.




TDA Snippet

With the release of the cover, Cassandra Clare gave us a snippet from Lady Midnight! If you have yet to see the cover, click here. If you´d like to pre-order the book, click here.

Ty lifted his face. He’d always had delicate features, more elfin than Helen or Mark’s. His father had said he was a throwback to earlier generations of Blackthorns, and he looked not unlike some of the family portraits in the dining room they rarely used, slender Victorian men in tailored clothes with porcelain faces and black, curling hair and names like Jesse and Rupert. “Then what is it?”

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Lady Midnight Cover

The cover of upcoming book, Lady Midnight, has been released! This is the first of The Dark Artifices series, taking place after The Mortal Instruments. This stars Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. To learn more about Lady Midnight and to pre-order it, click here.