TDA Snippet

A short monologue from an anonymous speaker for today’s snippet! Pre-order Lady Midnight here.

“Let me tell you a truth before you die, Emma,” said the voice. “It is a secret about the Nephilim. They hate love, human love, because they were born angels. And while God charged his angels to take care of humans, the angels were made first, and they have always hated God’s second creation. That is why Lucifer fell. He was an angel who would not bow to mankind, God’s favored child. Love is the weakness of human beings, and the Angels despise them for it, and the Clave despises it too, and therefore they punish it. Do you know what happens to parabatai who fall in love? Do you know why it’s forbidden?”

TDA Flower Cards

Every once in a while, I am going to post a few random flower cards painted by artist Cassandra Jean. You can read about her here. Today it’s three characters from the upcoming trilogy, The Dark Artifices. We have the Rosales family with Christina, Diego, and Jaime!

Christina Mendoza Rosales Flower Card

Cristina is Emma’s best girlfriend. She did most of her training at the Mexico City Institute, and moved to the Los Angeles one when she was 18. Her mother wants her to marry their distant relative, Diego Rosales, but Cristina does not.

Diego Rosales Flower Card

Diego is a distant relative of Cristina and the brother of Jaime.

Jamie Rosales Flower CArd

Jaime is a distant relative of Cristina and the borther of Diego.













TDA Snippet

Cassandra Clare has given us another intriguing snippet of Lady Midnight! Remember the book will be released March 8, 2016, and you can pre-order it here.

“It isn’t easy, having the Sight, if you’re a mundane.” Julian said in a low voice. “You see things nobody else sees. You can’t talk about it because no one will understand. You have to keep secrets, and secrets-they break you apart. Cut you open. Make you vulnerable.”

The low timbre of his voice shuddered down through Emma’s bones. There was something in it that frightened her. Something that reminded her of Mark’s eyes, distant and lonely.

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TDA Snippet

Here’s an interesting phone call snippet from Lady Midnight, releasing March 8, 2016. Read about and pre-order it here!


“Hello? This is Clary Fairchild.”

“Clary? It’s me, Emma.”

“Oh, Emma, hi! I haven’t heard from you in ages. My mom says thanks for the wedding flowers, by the way. She wanted to send a note but Luke whisked her away on a honeymoon to Tahiti.”

“Tahiti sounds nice.”

“It probably is – Jace, what are you doing with that thing? There is no way it’ll fit.”

“Is this a bad time?” 

“What? No! Jace is trying to drag a trebuchet into the training room. Alec, stop helping him.”

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Pre-Order Lady Midnight

The first of The Dark Artifices books finally has a release date! On March 8, 2016, Lady Midnight will be released. This is the trilogy starring Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, taking place in present-day Los Angeles. You can pre-order your book here so that you get it as soon as it comes out. Here’s Cassandra Clare’s preview of the upcoming book:

Emma swallowed. She was remembering Julian, two years ago, standing in the overlapping circles of fire where the parabatai ritual was performed. The look on his face as they each stepped into the central circle and the fire rose up around them, and he unbuttoned his shirt to let her touch the stele to his skin and carve the rune that would bind them together for their whole lives. She knew if she just reached out now, she could touch it, touch the rune cut into his shoulder, the rune she had put there . . .

Los Angeles. It’s been five years since the events of the Mortal Instruments when Nephilim stood poised on the brink of oblivion and Shadowhunter Emma Carstairs lost her parents. After the blood and violence she witnessed as a child, Emma has dedicated her life to to discovering exactly what it was that killed her parents and getting her revenge.

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Pre-order Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight is now up for pre-ordering! It doesn’t come out until March 2016, but pre-order yours now so you have it as soon as it comes out! Here’s some Lady Midnight fanart I found to get us in the right mindset.



TDA Snippet

Another snippet for The Dark Artifices! The Dark Artifices kicks off with Lady Midnight in March 2016 with Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in the Los Angeles Institute.

“Perfect Diego is the boy Christina’s mother wants her to marry,” Emma told Livvy. Now it was Christina’s turn to look betrayed. “It’s not an arranged marriage, not exactly, it’s just that her mother loves him, he’s a Rosales -” 

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TDA Snippet

Another snippet from The Dark Artifices has been released! Just a reminder that The Dark Artifices takes place in present-day Los Angeles starring Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. It is scheduled to come out sometime in March 2016. This snippet is fairly short, but it’s still something.

“Did you tell my brother?” Mark asked.

Emma looked up at him. The spotlight had tracked away from them, thank Raziel, and Mark was sharp – boned light and shadows in the moving illumination. “Tell which of your brothers what?”

“You know,” said Mark.

TDA Snippet

Every once in a while I’m going to post a snippet from Cassie Clare’s upcoming books, so this is one she has released from her first TDA book, Lady Midnight, which will be published March 2016.

Mark stepped out. The elegant lines of the suit seemed to sweep upward, making Mark appear taller, more polished. For the first time since his return every bit of the feral faerie child in him appeared to have been brushed away like cobwebs. He looked human. Like someone who’d always been human.

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