New Book Covers Released

As you are aware, the new TMI and TID covers were released! These will be the covers for the paperback books coming out on September 1st. They will be the same books with some special features such as the beginning of COB from Jace’s point of view, beautiful artwork, forwards from Cassie Clare, and more! The covers were redone for a few reasons. First, obviously, they were outdated. The COB and COA covers were from 10 years ago. Also, there has always been a lot of confusion where people don’t realize TID is the same series as TMI because they look so different. To read all the details about the changes and even more reasons for them, click here. Now for the covers!
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New Book Covers

On September 1st, the TMI and TID books with the new covers are being released! The new City of Bones cover has already been posted, now along with two teasers for a couple of the others. The five remaining TMI covers will be released tomorrow starting at 10am, and you can find them at any of these locations:

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Cassandra Jean Intro

If you’re not familiar with Cassandra Jean, she is an amazing artist who does a lot of drawings for Cassandra Clare’s books. She is currently working on flower cards for the characters in The Last Hours, but has done many, MANY other cards for characters from the other books. I’ll post some flower cards sometimes, but otherwise you can Google them and love them like I do. 🙂 There’s som much awesome Cassandra Jean drawings I could post, but for now as a little intro to Cassandra Jean I’m going to post them comic she illustrated that is in the back of the UK/Austrailian versions of City of Heavenly Fire. This scene takes place with TID characters at the end of COHF. Enjoy!

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The casting call was just put up in LA for the Shadowhunters TV show! It sounds like they are going to be starting back at the beginning with COB, despite the movie they already made. The only difference I saw in the character descriptions (they only had Clary, Jace and Simon) was that the characters are going to be a bit older. Clary will be celebrating her 18th birthday, not her 16th, and Jace will be early 20s. A tweet was released on March 4th by a “Lindsay B” (someone working on the show??) saying the TV show will start filming in Vancouver (Canada) in May 2015!IMG_20150306_065820