The Last Hours Flower Cards

Two more flower cards by Cassandra Jean were released this week, Lucie Herondale and Charles Fairchild! These are two of the characters from Cassandra Clare’s trilogy (starting in 2017), The Last Hours. We’ll start with Lucie Herondale. Lucie is Will and Tessa’s second and youngest child, younger sister of James Herondale. Lucie, like James, inherited special demon powers from her mother, but, unlike James, Lucie does not know this. Lucie is a novel writer, and is also very interested in the possible death of Tatiana Blackthorn’s son, Jesse Blackthorn. Lucie’s father would love for her to marry Colette and Elias Carstairs’ son, Alistair, who is the older brother of her parabatai, Cordelia. Lucie also adores

her brother’s parabatai, Matthew Fairchild. Lucie is described as being very impulsive and hasty, practical, and often makes things up. Charles Fairchild is the oldest son of Charlotte and Henry and the older brother of Matthew. You may remember Charles as “Buford” from Clockwork Princess, which actually ended up becoming his middle name. Charles is best friends with Alistair Carstairs. Charles likes to follow the rules, but his brother likes to break them, so they do not get along very well. Charlotte has high hopes for Charles to become the next Consul, so he does not have a very good relationship with his father, either. Charles has a baby blanket with his initials on it knitted it for him by one of his mother’s friends, Sophie Lightwood. By the time the first book of The Last Hours starts, Charles is already engaged to a girl named “Daphne” (Daphne who? We don’t know, all we know is that she is a Shadowhunter).


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