The Last Hours Flower Cards

Cassandra Jean has drawn us some more flower cards for The Last Hours! Remember The Last Hours is a trilogy starring the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices trilogy. The first book, Chain of Thorns, will be released about a year after Lady Midnight (first TDA book), so we can expect it in spring of 2017. The four cards released are four boys from four different (but not by much) families. They are also said to be inseparable best friends, so that should be fun. First we have Chrisopher Lightwood, the middle child of Gabriel and Cecily Lightwood. It is said that Christopher inherited Cecily’s blue eyes, along with his younger brother, Alexander, and unlike his older sister, Anna. Christopher is a scientist, so he gets along really well with Henry Fairchild. Next is James Herondale, the oldest child Will and Tessa Herondale, having one younger sister named Lucie. Colette and

Elias’s Cordelia Carstairs has a crush on this boy, and he is also parabatai with Charlotte and Henry’s Matthew Fairchild. James has the ability to turn into a shadow, caused most likely from his mother’s demon blood. James was bullied a lot as a child and even had to leave the Academy because of it. Our third boy is Matthew Fairchild, younger brother of Charles, sons of Charlotte and Henry Fairchild. Matthew is, again, parabatai with James Herondale, and is also said to have a weird relationship with Tatiana Blackthorn’s ward, Grace Blackthorn. Matthew is very open-hearted and funny, always a delight to be around. He is a very lazy person, although he also enjoys big parties. James is the responsible one of these two, always helping to keep Matthew out of trouble. The last of these four is Sophie and Gideon Lightwood’s Thomas Lightwood. Thomas has two older sisters: Barbara and Eugenia Lightwood. Thomas was named after Thomas Tanner, the carriage driver close to Sophie who died in Clockwork Angel (first TID book). Those four boys always hang out together, and I think it is going to be so much fun reading about them!



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