TMI/TID Fanfiction

Let me just start by saying writing fanfiction is a hard thing to do. You have to know your characters inside and out, characters that you didn’t create. You have to be a great writer, with a great imagination, to produce a great story people will enjoy reading, and want to keep reading if you’re doing more than a one shot. I found this phenomenal fanfiction called A Tale of Two, merging both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices characters in a fun and creative way. This writer provides humor, plot twists, and little to no typos (Which is very hard to find in a fanfiction hunt). This fic starts out with Clary Fray having a crazy breakup with boyfriend, Raphael, leading her and roomate Tessa Gray to make a pact of no boys and to spend Valentine’s Day with each other. But what will come of the new boys moving in the flat below theirs? With Jace Herondale starting to show up at Clary’s art class and Will Herondale frequently dropping in at the library where Tessa works, will the girls be able to keep their pact through Valentine’s Day? Find out in simplymoshingintomordor‘s A Tale of Two on

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