Shadowhunters and Through the Looking Glass

Shadowhunters fans understand that the TV show is only loosely based on the books. Liberties will be taken with the characters and the plotlines. We understand that and are (for the most part) fine with it.

This week, however, I could not help but feel like Disney was using the show mainly to cross-promote its upcoming movie, 10 Years Through the Looking Glass. (Freeform is owned by Disney). As soon as Clary went through the portal we started seeing tie-ins, including Valentine dressed like the Mad Hatter, the theme of the party, and Alex and Magnus drinking out of the teacups.

The whole thing was verified in the next commercial break, which featured a preview of the movie as well as Pink singing the song White Rabbit.

What do you think? Did Disney go too far in tying in its completely unrelated movie for publicity? Or was it a good cross-promotion to a similar audience?

(And in case you are curious, here is a preview for the movie)

Shadowhunters Premiere and Freeform App

The Shadowhunters premiere was yesterday, and there haven’t been great opinions on it by the fans. 🙁 It’s hard to remember that it’s not going to be exactly like the books, but the changes aren’t all people are talking about. They mention some bad acting, but we have to also remember that this was the first episode, and no show starts out with the actors being 100% in character at the start. Let’s just give it a chance for a while, and we can start hard-core judging mid-season. Also, if you download the Freeform app (definitely available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store), you can watch the second episode and a special behind the scenes clip! This is what the Freeform app looks like:

Freeform App

Shadowhunters Behind the Scenes

Only five days until the premiere of the Shadowhunters TV show!!! Don’t forget it will be on January 12 on abc at 9/8c! Here’s a behind the scenes video with Cassandra Clare, and I’ll link to all of the other fun videos I’ve posted!!

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