Added Shadowhunters Character

They added a character to the show named Lydia Branwell for the purpose of involving more of Idris to the scene. Ed Decter, one of the producers of the show, says, “we had to sort of bring Idris to the Institute! We need that larger story you have in the novels about the Accords and the role that the original families play in the history of the Shadowhunters, so we had to bring someone to the Institute to embody that.” Cassandra Clare says she knows the Lydia is also going to be a hindrance in Malec’s

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Shadowhunters Castings Finished!

They finished casting all of our main characters in ABC’s upcoming Shadowhunters series! so far we have Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland, Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis, and Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood. Next we have Kat McNamera as our Clary Fray!


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The first person was casted for our TV Show! His name is Dominic Sherwood and he’s most known for The Vampire Academy and Taylor Swift’s Style music video. He has been casted to play Jace Wayland, and I’ll let you guys be the judge on whether he’s a good Jace or not.



Click here to hear a little from Dominic Sherwood!

Shadowhunters Tweets

New ABC TV Show Shadowhunters is in the making! Filming is set to start next month in Vancouver, Canada! The show will start over with City of Bones, going through The Mortal Instruments series, and possibly The Infernal Devices! Joseph McGinty Nichol (mostly known as McG) is directing the opening show of Shadowhunters, and also executive produce the series with writer Ed Decter. You may know McG’s directing from movies such as Charlie’s Angels and We Are Marshall; and more recently Ouija and The Duff. Ed Decter is most famous for helping write screenplays for movies such as The Santa Claus 2 and 3 and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. McG tweeted a couple of things getting everyone excited for the TV show!


TSA Discovery

As you know, Cassandra Clare has been releasing the novellas in The Shadowhunter Academy series; so far Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy and The Lost Herondale are out and The Whitechapel Fiend comes out this Tuesday. We already had the covers for the first two novellas and she recently released the covers for the next two (Whitechapel Fiend and Nothing But Shadows). The covers were just hanging out in my camera roll when I made a huge discovery. I’ll let you see:

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Shadowhunters TV Show

Recent tweet from Martin Moszkowicz keeping fans on their toes!


In case you’re wondering, Mr. Moszkowicz is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Constantin Film, which is working on the Shadowhunters TV show! To get all of the information so far on our upcoming series, click here!