Carstairs TLH Flower Cards

More FLower Cards for The Last Hours coming out in 2018! These are the books starring the children of favorite ships from TID such as Wessa (Will and Tessa), Sideon (Sophie and Gideon), Gabrily (Gabriel and Cecily), and Chenry (Charlotte and Henry. But you can’t have a book taking place right after TID without some of the Carstairs line. If you remember at the end of Clockwork Princess, Jem’s uncle (Elias) tried to give Will the Carstairs family sword, Cortana, but Will refused to take it and Tessa asked Elias to reconsider maybe having a family someday and passing it on through them. And he did! He eventually married a girl named Colette Verlac (related to Sebastian Verlac??) and they had two children: Alastair and Cordelia. The only things we know about Alastair Carstairs are he’s the oldest

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The Last Hours Flower Cards

Cassandra Jean has drawn us some more flower cards for The Last Hours! Remember The Last Hours is a trilogy starring the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices trilogy. The first book, Chain of Thorns, will be released about a year after Lady Midnight (first TDA book), so we can expect it in spring of 2017. The four cards released are four boys from four different (but not by much) families. They are also said to be inseparable best friends, so that should be fun. First we have Chrisopher Lightwood, the middle child of Gabriel and Cecily Lightwood. It is said that Christopher inherited Cecily’s blue eyes, along with his younger brother, Alexander, and unlike his older sister, Anna. Christopher is a scientist, so he gets along really well with Henry Fairchild. Next is James Herondale, the oldest child Will and Tessa Herondale, having one younger sister named Lucie. Colette and

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Blackthorn Flower Cards

Cassandra Jean’s most recent project has been to draw flower cards for characters in the upcoming Last Hours trilogy (the ones right after TID). She just officially released her first two, the Blackthorns. If you remember, it’s Gabriel and Gideon’s sister, Tatiana’s children. She appears at the beginng of Clockwork Princess when her father kills her husband. Here are Cassandra Jean’s drawings of the Blackthorn children (And I’ll add Tatiana’s as well)! First is Tatiana Blackthorn, the younger sister of Gideon and Gabriel Lightwod. We know she had a huge crush on William Herondale when she was younger, so he

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Shadowhunter Academy Flower Cards

If you’re following the Shadowhunter Academy books as I am, you’ve probably been expectantly waiting on Cassandra Jean’s flower cards. Well, wait no more! I have four characters from the books to show you. First up is our protagonist, Simon Lewis, the nerdy mundane with no knowlege that he helped to save the world. Next we have Simon’s attractive and kind roomate, George Lovelace, warlock teacher Catarina Loss, and another one of the students, Beatriz Mendoza. In case  you need a bit of a refresher on these characters, Simon Lewis was Clary Fray’s (protagonist of The Mortal Instruments) mundane best friend who was turned into a vampire during a party. Then he drank some of Jace Herondale’s

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Shadowhunters TV Show

Recent tweet from Martin Moszkowicz keeping fans on their toes!


In case you’re wondering, Mr. Moszkowicz is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Constantin Film, which is working on the Shadowhunters TV show! To get all of the information so far on our upcoming series, click here!

Cassandra Jean Intro

If you’re not familiar with Cassandra Jean, she is an amazing artist who does a lot of drawings for Cassandra Clare’s books. She is currently working on flower cards for the characters in The Last Hours, but has done many, MANY other cards for characters from the other books. I’ll post some flower cards sometimes, but otherwise you can Google them and love them like I do. 🙂 There’s som much awesome Cassandra Jean drawings I could post, but for now as a little intro to Cassandra Jean I’m going to post them comic she illustrated that is in the back of the UK/Austrailian versions of City of Heavenly Fire. This scene takes place with TID characters at the end of COHF. Enjoy!

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The casting call was just put up in LA for the Shadowhunters TV show! It sounds like they are going to be starting back at the beginning with COB, despite the movie they already made. The only difference I saw in the character descriptions (they only had Clary, Jace and Simon) was that the characters are going to be a bit older. Clary will be celebrating her 18th birthday, not her 16th, and Jace will be early 20s. A tweet was released on March 4th by a “Lindsay B” (someone working on the show??) saying the TV show will start filming in Vancouver (Canada) in May 2015!IMG_20150306_065820