Unique Team Malec Merchandise

If you are like me and have shipped Alec and Magnus since the beginning, you need to check out the cool stuff on Redbubble. They have a whole section of over 3200 Shadowhunters items plus specific items for the different characters.

For those of you early in your reading, you are probably wishing and hoping that Alec and Magnus will end up together (Love is Love!). For those of you further in your reading, you are likely thinking about all of the ups and downs between them and likely crying just thinking about it.

One of the really cool things about Redbubble is that you can customize the same image onto different products. For example, you may find something you like and want a t-shirt or mug (some of the most common products). However, you can also go with something really different like a tote bag or a throw pillow. There are so many ways to customize the different images that you could end up with 1000 different Malec items!! [Read more…]

Officially Licensed Mortal Instruments Shirts

We don’t tend to see a lot of Shadowhunter merchandise that is officially licensed, but you can get a few different shirts on Amazon right now.

Choose from:

  • Swords Cross
  • Mortal Instruments Group
  • Crown Bones
  • A World Hidden Within Our Own
  • Skull

They range in price from $7-20 depending on which you choose and the size. Visit Amazon to see all of them.

If you are looking for other products, check out our Shadowhunter Merchandise page for everything from jewelry to shirts to mugs.

Pre-Order The Mortal Instruments Coloring Book

Cassandra Jean is illustrating a Mortal Instruments coloring book to be released April 25! Here are a couple pictures of the coloring book that will definitely interest any Mortal Instruments fan. Coloring has proved to be very calming for many people, so what’s better than coloring your favorite book characters? Pre-order the coloring book here!

TMI Coloring Book

TMI Coloring Book Cover


Shadowhunter Gift Guide


Because there hasn’t been any new official Shadowhunter merchandise this year, it can be hard to find gifts for Shadowhunter fans. However, I have a few ideas for you that will help you! First, here are the best places to find Shadowhunter stuff right now:

Amazon has a little bit more of the “official” merchandise but it is sold mainly by resellers, so quantities are limited and prices can be high.

Etsy is all handmade, so it may take longer for things to ship depending upon the individual shop owners. However, they do have really unique things.

The other two, Redbubble and Zazzle, have a nice selection of items that you can buy year round in different sizes and colors.

Top Five Shadowhunter Gift Ideas

If you don’t want to look through those pages, here are our top 5 picks for items that every Shadowhunter fan should love.

Shadowhunter Academy T-Shirt (available in various sizes and colors)

Shadowhunter Academy Shirt


Idris University Sweatshirt

Idris University Sweatshirt



Shadowhunters the Moral Instruments Angelic Power Rune Necklace ($5.60!!)

Rune Necklace



To Love is to Destroy Mug

To Love Is To Destroy


Mortal Instruments Miniature Book Bracelet

Mortal Instruments Book Bracelet




Visit our Shadowhunter Merchandise page for more ideas.

Shadowhunter Gift Guide


Julian’s Sea Glass Bracelet from Lady Midnight (and Where to Buy One)

Julian's Sea Glass Bracelet from Lady Midnight

It is mentioned in the book that Julian Blackthorn has a lucky sea glass bracelet he wears on his left wrist. Jem Carstairs was the one who sent the sea glass via Church to Emma Carstairs as a present, who then made a bracelet for Julian with them. The bracelet is described in the book as being made of “flame red, fire gold, {and} Blackthorn blue” sea glass. Etsy has many beautiful sea glass bracelets, some that look like the bracelet described in the book, and others that are merely inspired by Julian’s. Many of these bracelets are very affordable and look great.

Below is the image Cassandra Clare had in her mind of the bracelet as she was writing Lady Midnight.

Here’s one I found that is similar for $43 and that you can request to have customized. When you order, just specify that you want all red, gold, and blue sea glass:

Seaglass Bracelet


Here’s another bracelet that is similar and sells for $30:

Seaglass bracelet


If you are looking to spend less money, they have many sea glass bracelets that sell for under $20. Some of them say that you can customize them as well. Here are a sample of the ones I found for under $20 (some even for under $10). If you search around the site, I am sure you will find one that suits you perfectly. They bracelets themselves are made of many different materials including leather, metal, and wire.

Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea Glass Bracelet


If you are wondering like I was what exactly sea glass is, it is glass that started as bottles tableware, shipwrecks, etc. and then tumbled around in the ocean for years until it rough edges are rounded off and it starts to look like a gem.

Do you want a sea glass bracelet now that you have read Lady Midnight? I do!

A History of Notable Shadowhunters

A book has been released called A History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld: Told in the Language of Flowers by Cassandra “Cartwright” Clare and Cassandra “Starkweather” Jean.  It is inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Victorian Flower Dictionary Cover

It basically has many pictures of different flowers and explains what kind of flower they are, plus extra information about those flowers. What the Cassandras are doing are they’re making a book where instead of flowers, it is different characters from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, and The Last Hours. Cassandra Jean will be drawing portraits of the characters, and Cassandra Clare will be revealing exclusive details and notes on the characters! Pre-order here!

A History of Notable Shadowhunters Cover

Advance Reader Copy of Lady Midnight Competition

An awesome Advance Reader Copy of Lady Midnight is being given away in a competition! Check out the video to see Cassandra Clare reveal the contents of the special box:

Entering the contest is very simple! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with any Shadowhunter book you own. This could be a Mortal Instruments book, Infernal Devices, Shadowhunter Codex, etc. Ereaders are allowed, as long as the front cover of the book is displayed. Make the picture creative. Cassandra Clare suggests going somewhere interesting, wearing a costume, or incorporating elements you love about the books into the picture. She mentions that a girl one a contest like this once by taking her picture in a bath of spaghetti. Then post your picture to a social media page. This can be Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else you use, and email the link to the post to ladymidnightcontest@gmail.com before February 7th. You must be 13 years old or older, and only one entry per person is allowed. Good luck!