Shadowhunter Academy Flower Cards

If you’re following the Shadowhunter Academy books as I am, you’ve probably been expectantly waiting on Cassandra Jean’s flower cards. Well, wait no more! I have four characters from the books to show you. First up is our protagonist, Simon Lewis, the nerdy mundane with no knowlege that he helped to save the world. Next we have Simon’s attractive and kind roomate, George Lovelace, warlock teacher Catarina Loss, and another one of the students, Beatriz Mendoza. In case  you need a bit of a refresher on these characters, Simon Lewis was Clary Fray’s (protagonist of The Mortal Instruments) mundane best friend who was turned into a vampire during a party. Then he drank some of Jace Herondale’s

(protagonist of The Mortal Instruments) angel blood and became a Daylighter, or, a vampire who can walk in the sun. Then Simon got his immortality taken away along with his memories by a demon. Simon now Ascends to become a Shadowhunter in hopes that he will gain his memory back. George Lovelace is Simon’s roomate at the Academy; a mundane adopted into this familiar Shadowhunter family, so he posseses no natural Shadowhunting abilities. You make recognize Catarina Loss if you’ve read The Bane Chronicles, as she is a close friend of Magnus Bane. Catarina is a very skilled warlock, her warlock mark being her blue skin. She works at a hospital in New York, and also teaches at the Academy. Beatriz Velez Mendoza is one of Simon’s better friends at the Academy. She is from an unpopular Shadowhunting family, but was born a Shadowhunter so she was placed in the advanced stream. After Simon and George left the advanced stream, Beatriz was impressed and asked them to stay friends with her.

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