Shadowhunter Merchandise

Are you looking for Shadowhunter gifts for Shadowhunter fans? Unfortunately, there is not a lot of official merchandise. So, you have to get creative in places that you can find thing.

Shadowhunter Products at Zazzle

My current favorite place for Shadowhunter merchandise is Zazzle. They have a lot of different products that you can customize however you want. They have shirts, bags, accessories, blankets, posters, and more. They run coupons all the time so watch for their sales. Here are just a couple of examples:

Shadohunter ShirtsShadowhunter Mug

Redbubble Merchandise

One of my other favorite places to find Shadowhunter fan merchandise is Redbubble. You can pick the design that you want and then have it made into shirts, bags, stationery, and more. Instead of copying every single design off the page, I just took a screen shot of some of them so you can see the kind of stuff they have. Go to the site to see everything because they do change their products fairly regularly. Most of them are either Shadowhunter quotes or things with runes.



I love the “Never Trust a Duck” and the “New York Institute” t-shirts. They also have “Pandemonium Club” and “All the Stories are True.”

Amazon Shadowhunter Products

Amazon has a collection of items that change regularly as well.

Here are two necklaces (a Rune necklace and one to look like Isabelle Lightwood’s):

Isaballe Lightwood NecklaceShadowhunter Rune Necklace

They also have all of the books and Season 1 of the Shadowhunters TV Show.

Hand-made Shadowhunter Gifts

Some of the most unique Shadowhunter items come from Etsy, where people make them themselves. In particular they have a lot of jewelry, clothes, and home items. The only problem is that they tend to change products a lot because people stop making them. Here are a few of my favorite that are on sale as of today.

Chain Bracelet with Mini Shadowhunter Books



Rune Bracelet

Rune Bracelet


See all of the different Shadowhunter products on Etsy.