Lady Midnight Inside Cover Image

If you buy the Costco version of Lady Midnight, you also receive a Cassandra Jean picture on the inside cover, but Cassandra Clare posted the picture to her Tumblr so everyone could see it!

I thought you guys might like to see the jacket interior illustration Cassandra Jean did for the Costco version of Lady Midnight, with each character labeled. I don’t own a copy myself but I’ve seen it and it’s very pretty! These are the TMI and TDA characters, portrayed together — not every one of the TMI character appears in Lady Midnight, but they do appear through the series. And there’s one TDA character that is left out, because, spoilers :) 

You can see all of the main characters in Lady Midnight, and also some TMI characters that will be in the future TDA books!

TDA Flower Cards

Every once in a while, I am going to post a few random flower cards painted by artist Cassandra Jean. You can read about her here. Today it’s three characters from the upcoming trilogy, The Dark Artifices. We have the Rosales family with Christina, Diego, and Jaime!

Christina Mendoza Rosales Flower Card

Cristina is Emma’s best girlfriend. She did most of her training at the Mexico City Institute, and moved to the Los Angeles one when she was 18. Her mother wants her to marry their distant relative, Diego Rosales, but Cristina does not.

Diego Rosales Flower Card

Diego is a distant relative of Cristina and the brother of Jaime.

Jamie Rosales Flower CArd

Jaime is a distant relative of Cristina and the borther of Diego.