TSA Flower Cards

*****TMI SPOILERS*****

There are only two more Shadowhunter Academy books to be released: Born to Endless Night on October 20, and Angels Twice Descending on November 17. I am posting three of the main characters in those books: Simon Lewis, George Lovelace, and Catarina Loss.

Simon is the best friend of Clary Fray. He started out as a regular Jewish mundane, became a vampire by biting one, became a “Daylighter” (vampire that could go in the sun) by consuming angel blood, then a mundane again, then decided to Ascend to become a Shadowhunter. Simon loved Clary romantically for most of their mundane lives, but after she didn’t return his feelings, he moved on and ended up becoming romantically involved with Isabelle Lightwood.

George Lovelace Flower Card

George was a mundane adopted by the Lovelace family. This Lovelace family (separate albeit still related to Jessamine) also abandoned Shadowhunter life in the 1700s. George was invited to attend the Shadowhunter Academy (they did not know he was a mundane), and angered that his family hid the Shadow World from him, he accepted. He is now the roomate and good friend of Simon Lewis. George is very fit and athletic, excelling in most of the activities they do at the Academy, and is also funny and sarcastic, much like Simon.

Catarina Loss Flower Card

Catarina is a warlock very skilled in healing. Her warlock mark is her blue skin, so she uses a galmour when working at the Beth Israel Hospital in New York helping mundanes. Sometime in the 1800s, Catarina was very close to the Herondale family. Tobias Herondale went mad in the woods because of a warlock spell and it appeared Tobias had fled during battle, the worst crime for Shadowhunters. His pregnant wife, Eva, was sentenced to execution, so Catarina delivered her baby and raised him in the mortal world, unbeknownst that he was a Shadowhunter. She is good friends with warlock Magnus Bane and Shadowhunter Jocelyn Fairchild, and helped the Shadowhunters immensly during the Dark War. She now also helps teach at the Shadowhunter Academy.