TDA Flower Cards

These are the four youngest Blackthorn children to help you keep them straight as you read Lady Midnight! Order the book here if you haven’t yet!

Livia Flower Card

Nicknamed Livvy, Livia Blackthorn is the 15 year old twin sister of Tiberius Blackthorn. Livvy has a very math-oriented brain, proving her intelligence. She has brown hair and blue-green eyes and is a skilled fencer and sword fighter.

Tiberius Flower Card

Nicknamed Ty, Tiberius Blackthorn is the 15 year old twin brother of Livia Blackthorn. Ty is autistic and wants to be a detective. Much like his favorite detective Sherlock Holmes, Ty also has a fascination with bees. Ty has dark black hair and gray hair, unlike the majority of his family. Ty is very skinny and extremely stubborn.















Drusilla Flower Card

Nicknamed Dru, Drusilla Blackthorn is the 13 year old sibling of the Blackthorn children. Dru has dark brown hair, blue-green eyes and freckles. She is curvy and short, unlike her skinny and tall siblings, causing her to be very insecure of her body.

Octavian Flower Card

Nicknamed Tavvy, Octavian Blackthorn is the 7 year old sibling of the Blackthorn children. Tavvy has dark brown hair and blue-green eyes, like most of the Blackthorn children. He’s too young to bear runes, so cannot fight or train with the others yet.




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