Western Shadowhunters

Cassandra Jean had some fun thinking about wild west Shadowhunters! She drew some pictures for us so we could be in on the vision! Here she has three Shadowhunters: Rocío, Velez, and Crosskill. She also created some descriptions for the characters that I will include with the pictures.


Rocío: Mother of one tiny               tater tot.               Specialty: Blades
Personality: 50% Hostility, 50% Loyalty Horse: Lipizzan


Velez: shortest of the                western trio.              Specialty: Tracking and Riding Ingredients: 50% Enthusiasm, 30% Curiosity, 20% Secrets Horse: Grulla Blanket Appaloosa


Crosskill: tallest of the Shadowhunters in the                 wild west trio.             Specialty: Archery Eyes: 100% judging you for every mistake you’ve made and will make Horse: Dapple Gray


Western Shadowhunters 2









Western Shadowhunters 1











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